Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release & Rose Energy Healing

Are you stuck in your life?  

Stuck in your pain?  Stuck in your emotions? Stuck in your limited thinking and beliefs? Stuck in past trauma?  Stuck in low energy? Stuck in everyone else's BS?

Are you tired of being stuck and never getting anywhere?

Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release and Rose Energy Healing offer a unique approach to healing that work harmoniously with your body, heart, mind, soul and spirit, bringing you the life changing, pain ending results you're looking for..... NATURALLY.  

Stuck energy is why you're not getting what you want in your life.  Remove your body's energy blocks, untangle your energy and get your energy moving freely again to end your pain and get unstuck in your life once and for all!   
Combining both deep tissue therapy and energy releasing practices, Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release is guaranteed to remove the stuck energy keeping you stuck to get you the results you want!  Perfect for releasing physical body pain or for when you want to pamper your physical self.   You've experienced nothing like it!

Not a fan of deep tissue work or have no physical issues? No problem!  Rose Energy Healing offers the same life changing, beyond belief results without the physical body therapy.  Rose Energy Healing is a great alternative for releasing stuck energy from organs, hearts, spines, nerves, chakras, auras/protection energy and minds (including subconscious, Ego, Higher Mind and greater awareness). The possibilities are endless!

The pain ending, life changing results are beyond belief!


Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release and Rose Energy Healing work harmoniously and naturally with your body, mind, soul and spirit to effectively stop pain and restore balance by removing blocks from your energy, blood and lymph channels, meridians, heart frequencies, joints and heart centre.  By doing so, these healing techniques bring your body back into the harmony it needs to heal itself!  Healing naturally with Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release and/or Rose Energy Healing helps restore balance and speed up your body's natural healing ability for longer lasting, more impactful, pain ending results!  

Unleash your energy Heart and soul 

What happens when your heart is blocked?   Soul and heart energy are closely linked, meaning when one is blocked, both are blocked.  Heart and soul blocks lead to despair and often cause unhappiness in heart.   Love is the most powerful medicine and one that is often overlooked.   Happiness blocked means love is not open to it's full healing magic and you are left holding the pain. Release the energy blocks from your heart and soul for beyond belief happiness!

Understand YOUR ORGANS need healing

Every area of your body can benefit from energy release, including your large intestine, bladder, kidneys, brain and heart.  Energy blocks in your organs prevent them from functioning properly, causing you pain, problems pooping and an array of other uncomfortable problems. Many conditions, including constipation, overactive bladder and poor digestion, are a result of energy blocks. Rose Energy Healing gets your organs working with you rather than against you so you can poop with ease and feel happy in your heart!

Rejuvenate YOUR CHAKRAS 

Complete healing comes from balancing both your physical body and your energy body.  Think of your energy body as an orchestra and your chakras as the speakers to broadcast your beautiful music out into the world.  When your chakras are in harmony, your music (aka energy) sounds like a live symphony opposed to an out of tune recording played through your old car radio.  Restore your energetic melody by balancing, rejuvenating and repairing your chakras! 


With Rose Quartz for full heart healing

Image provided by Smile and Say Cheese Photography

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Energy Medicine Beyond Belief and Healing

Healing harmony 

How much pain you feel is directly related to how balanced your energy is. An unbalanced energy system works the same way as a symphony orchestra where the musicians are all on different pages.  The music sounds completely wrong and off key, doesn’t it?

When those 'musicians' in your energy aren't in sync, you will feel it in your physical body in the way of pain.  Other symptoms include emotional distress, inhibited creativity, unclear intuition, unhappiness with self and disbelief. 

Rose Energy Healing restores the harmony of your energy “orchestra”, ensuring that everyone is on the same page of the same song to produce your beautiful melody.  

When your physical body and energy are out of harmony, your body can’t heal properly and you will begin to feel pain and unease.  Harmony must be restored for long lasting, pain free results.  This can be done with less time, effort and hassle with Rose Energy Healing.

  One way to harmonize your energy body yourself is through the use of magnets. Magnets are a natural, safe and effective method for allowing your body to regain its self-healing harmony.  Magnets help release the stuck energy within your body and restore natural flow.  The only downside of using magnets is that they work relatively slowly and can take months, and sometimes even years, to be fully effective.  

If you're looking for fast, effective and long lasting results now, try Rose Energy Healing and find out what restored harmony really feels like!


Emotions, good or bad, are a part of life.  You can't get away from your emotions.  Ever! 

Even when you think you've moved past those negative emotions, they still come back to cause you pain.   When your emotions are too overwhelming and/or difficult to deal with, more often than not, those emotions become trapped in your bodily tissues, joints, organs and energy channels.  Avoid and pile up those hard to handle emotions long enough and painful blocks will form.   

To effectively eliminate your pain, try first releasing the trapped emotions deep within your body.  Trapped emotions block your natural energy flow, resulting in physical pain and unrealized dreams.  

Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release and Rose Energy Healing release your trapped emotional energy to end your pain and get your energy moving unhindered in the direction of your desired dreams and goals.

Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release and Rose Energy Healing speed up your body's natural healing process by fast tracking your trapped emotional response so you don't have to process it all yourself.  Essentially, these revolutionary techniques resolve your painful emotional overwhelm, restore your body's balance, and even prevent more painful blocks from forming.

Discover more about trapped emotions and how they affect your pain by clicking the link below.  


Moves out your stuck energy to end your pain

Practitioner – Danielle Churchill 

Patient – Tenielle Kleinschroth 

Image provided by White Lightening Media

Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release

Healing spirit

 You are spirit in a physical body.  You are spirit first and foremost and spirit needs healing just as much as your physical body does. Understanding you are spirit is the first step towards creating the healing results you want.  

Your spiritual body can become blocked in energy just like any other part of your energy body.  Pain and body conditions you experience might actually be spiritual blocks that can't be resolved unless the spiritual energy is released. 

Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release and Rose Energy Healing effectively remove your spiritual blocks to free your physical and energy bodies on all levels.  

Your spirit is the largest part of your energy body and is larger than your physical body. Your spirit needs to be free in energy for you to live pain free.  Only when harmony with spirit is restored, will your pain end.   

What makes Rose energy deep tissue release & rose energy healing different?

Simply put - THE BEYOND BELIEF RESULTS! Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release and Rose Energy Healing are different because they work at the root cause of your problem - your body's energy.  

All problems on a physical level stem from trapped, entangled and blocked energy. Whenever your body bothers you, there's energy behind it.  

Everyone has trapped energy deep within them.  Just not everyone feels it the same way. Sometimes trapped energy can go years without causing pain before something triggers it.  Don't wait for your pain to get out of control before doing something about it.  

Release your energy to keep your pain away! Free your energy for life long pain free living!

IS ROSE ENERGY Deep Tissue RELEASE or rose energy healing RIGHT FOR ME? 

Do You Have Problems With Any of the Following? 

Abdominal Pain

All organs can form energy blocks. Most of those occur in the abdomen.  All body pain stems from an unhealthy abdomen and large intestine.   

pain of all kinds

Any and all types of persisting pain is unnecessary.  Pain is simply stuck energy in your energy body and imbalances throughout.

Low energy

Blocks within your body can be blocking vital energy channels and impeding vital bodily function.  Let's get your body at top performance!

Heart Hurt?

Blocked energy within or around the heart, heart chakra and heart centre can lead to pain, unhappiness and not feeling love from others.


Instead of popping pills for short term relief, look deeper to what is behind your pain and get your energy moving freely again. 

Not getting anywhere?

Stuck energy affects more than the physical.  It can also keep you feeling stuck and not moving where you want to go in your life.


Feeling stuck?  It’s hard to get anywhere when your knees give you nothing but grief.  Moving without blocks in your knees will help you move forward in more ways than just pain relief.  


The neck bones connected to the back bone… well as the head bone and jaw bone.  Headaches, TMJ and tight shoulders, along with looking down and around all day everyday can be a major pain in the neck. 


Remove the energy blocks and your body will no longer talk to you through your nerves.  Energy often wraps around your nerves, resulting in endless pain and suffering.  Rose Energy Healing easily removes the energy on your nerves for amazing relief.  

SPINAL PAIN - Energy Blocks within the spine

This is where your main energy channel runs. When your main energy channel is blocked, vital energy can't get through to the rest of your body and your healing halts.


The only reason you pulled that muscle is because you didn’t listen to your body when it was telling you to stop.  Now a block has formed, causing you pain.  Remove the block and your pain will disappear.   

Mind blocks

Do you suffer from anxiety, brain fog, forgetfulness or negative beliefs?  Energy blocks and entanglements in the mind can be the culprit for these and other mental problems.  Heal your mind and heal your body. 

... & much more!

Unsure if Rose Energy deep tissue Release is Right For You?

Try Something Different To Get Different Results! 

Discover how Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release can change your life by ending your pain!

Testimonials of client pain ending success included!


and Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release!


Everything you can expect:

$190 CAD

first Treatment only with discovery Session

$150 CAD

For all following sessions
(how many depends on your desired outcomes & stuck energy involved)

  • 45 Minute Discovery Consultation & Education (First Treatment Only)
  • 1-1.5 hours of Rose Energy Healing OR Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release 
  • Energy healing to move out stuck energy & disentangle your energy strings 
  • Healing your chakras & your aura
  • Healing of your energy in your organs, meridians and all energy channels
  • Essential Oils & DMSO gel applied after deep tissue release only to promote faster healing & regeneration
  • BONUS: 15 Minute Energy Medicine After Treatment (in person only) 
  • BONUS: Healing performed long after session is over for up to 3 weeks.  
  • BONUS: Special Pricing and MORE available when you buy a specialized bundle package!  Contact Danielle for more details.....

TOTAL VALUE $380.00 - FIRST SESSION ALL YOURS FOR $190!! ($150 after that)

Unable to make it in person for your energy healing?





Rose Energy Healing and Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release are exactly what you’ve been looking for to end your pain and free your energy  That is, if you’re ready to try something different.

Everyone is different and so are the energy blocks causing your pain.  The time it takes for pain ending results depends on how many energy blocks you have, their size and their location within your body and your readiness to let them go. A person who has several small blocks scattered throughout their entire body is generally going to gain impactful results sooner than a person who has several large blocks all in the same spot. 


Rose Energy Healing and Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release will free all your stuck energy and end your pain, though those results are only guaranteed once all stuck energy is removed.  I guarantee impactful results once all the stuck energy is gone or your money back.  Though, often enough, my clients receive impactful results between 1 - 4 sessions.  

Your satisfaction is my top priority.  I will do my very best to provide you with the pain free, life changing results you want within the limits of your body.  I am that confident in the unbelievable results this therapy has to offer.   

While I do offer a money back guarantee, there are some restrictions. I am not the only one responsible for your pain ending results. For example, if after your treatment, you go home and eat a bunch of junk food, don’t drink any water, don’t get enough rest, over work your body and have several big emotional melt downs, chances are you're going to feel pain. I am not responsible for any pain resulting from poor nutrition, emotional overwhelm or body care after your sessions. I am happy to coach you on ways you can hasten your results between your sessions at no extra charge.  


Rose Energy Healing and Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release will positively change your life, like nothing else has before!  Heal your body, mind and spirit and begin to end your pain as your body regains balance.  The results are beyond belief! 

100 % Money Back


Here are the most common questions received from patients.

Are you an RMT?  Can I cover these treatments under my group benefits? 

No, I am not.  The application is entirely different and goes much deeper than any massage you could get from an RMT.    Unfortunately, these treatments are not claimable.  The great news is your session is guaranteed to bear results or we will return your money.

Can I pay with credit or debit?

I only accept cash and e-transfer at this time.  There are too many costs involved when offering credit/debit as a payment method.  I would rather offer you lower prices for my services, rather than charge more to make up for the loss.  

Is this a massage?

Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release is far from a conventional massage and is different from all other deep tissue therapies.  Going much deeper than any massage you’ve ever tried, this therapy addresses the root cause of your pain on both a physical and energy level, so you no longer have to live with it. 

Is this similar to Reiki or Raynor massage?   

Rose Energy Healing and Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release are essentially Reiki, though more powerful and impactful.  Rose Energy uses more energy than Reiki and helps move more non-beneficial energy out as well.   They both use the Universal Life Force for the healing work done.

Raynor is a deep tissue treatment that focuses on finding and removing tension within the body.  Roes Energy Deep Tissue Release is a combination of both with more emphasis on finding the true cause of the problem and eliminating it from the body through both extensive bodywork and energy releasing techniques.  

Are these treatments painful?

Rose Energy Release is a deep tissue treatment that works to release you from pain causing blockages and therefore may cause a certain level of discomfort.  Communication is key for both practitioner and patient, so please let’s work together to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.   I do encourage you to remember to breathe, relax and let go during your session.  

If you are uncomfortable with deep tissue work, please keep in mind I can do these therapy sessions with only energy healing.  

Are there any other sensations I could experience?

You might also feel sensations like heat, tingling, pulsing or even a feeling of release in the area being treated, or throughout your body.  You may experience a sick feeling to your stomach if the energy being moved is especially unpleasant to you.  If you don’t notice anything other than the deep tissue work, this is normal too. 

Is it normal to feel tired and/or cold after my treatment?

Yes.  Your body just went through alot.   Feeling tired is your body's way of telling you that you need to rest.  It is best to listen to the signals your body is giving you and allow your energy to recharge.   The cold you may feel is from the energy flowing throughout your body after your session and may continue for up to three days afterwards. Additionally, the cold you feel may also be from poor body circulation and not from the energy healing at all.  

Can you please explain why I should be concerned about too much healing?

If too much energy is released at one time, your nervous system could become overwhelmed, causing you to have a hard time functioning.  I know exactly where this limit is for each client and do not go over it.  I always go right under this threshold to give you maximum value for your money.  If I must go beyond what I feel your threshold is to get you the results you want, I will discuss with you what could happen before hand.  Your satisfaction and well-being are my top priority.  I make sure I give you the most I can within the limitations of your body.

I felt quite sore, tender and bruised the day after my treatment.  Is this normal?

Yes, nothing to worry about.  We gave your body alot of deep, loving attention that it now needs to heal from.  Take it easy and relax for awhile; give your body the time it needs to recover.  I recommend hot epsom salt baths, castor oil packs and regular application of pain relieving essential oils or Arnica to help alleviate your discomfort.  Light clapping of and around the area can also work wonders.

Will I be able to return to work after my treatment or should I take some time off?

It is entirely up to you!  Some of my clients prefer to have a few days off to relax and heal, while others have no issues returning to work the same day.  When making your decision, keep in mind the area you are getting worked on, as well as what your job entails. I do recommend you take some time to rest afterwards, especially if you feel tired.

I love lifting weights and exercising regularly.  Is it wise to return back to my usual exercise routine right away?

The choice is up to you, though I don't recommend it.  I suggest at least four days before doing any strenuous, contractual exercise to give your body the time it needs to heal and not risk injury. Additionally, your energy is healing and can be knocked off course by returning to exercise too soon after a session.  Instead try restorative exercises such as yoga, stretching and foam rolling, as well easy-going exercises like walking and rebounding to keep your energy moving and not stagnant.  Regular movement is quite beneficial to healing and feeling great.  However, don't push yourself and always ask if you're unsure if a particular movement is beneficial or not.

Why use your elbow and not your hands?

Your hands have been desensitized from everyday use and therefore can’t feel nearly as much as the elbow can.  The elbow can actually detect more than only just the hand and has the power needed to pull the physical issue apart efficiently and effectively.  I do use my hands too to help restore balance and move out stuck energy.  The elbow is more for releasing tight muscles and pulling apart scar tissue, crystallization and calcification build up within you tissues and joints.  

What do I wear to the Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release?

I recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing. During your session, I may ask you to either remove or adjust your clothing where the treatment will take place. This therapy is far more impactful when it is performed skin on skin. The elbow can feel so much, but this ability is impeded when there is clothing in the way. Additionally, if the clothing is not 100% cotton, I run the risk of rubbing the skin off my elbow and not being able to work.

Do you offer whole body treatments?

No.  The reason this isn't possible lies with your stuck energy.  The average person has between 20-50 energy blocks throughout their entire body.  To give you the most impactful results possible, I focus my work in one or two areas to effectively remove as much as I can from those areas within the limitations of your body.  Doing too much too fast or splitting the work up, will not give you the results you want and may even make you feel worse.  

How soon do you recommend me waiting after my session before pursuing other healing modalities like physio, reiki or acupuncture?

Alot of energy just got released and is in the process of moving out of your energy field.  This transition process can take anywhere from between 4 and 10 days.  I don't recommend you do any other healing work in less than 4 days time, though 7 is optimal. I would hate for you to overwhelm your body and experience an energy crash from doing too much during the integration process.  

How long do you recommend waiting before getting my next treatment?

Time needed to heal from the therapy varies depending on the health of the client and how much energy is being moved out each session.  Especially for first time clients, I don’t recommend getting more than one treatment within a 7 days period so as not to overwhelm your nervous system.

Is it normal to have an emotional reaction during treatment?

Yes, our physical condition is directly related to our emotional state. All physical blocks in the body were emotional blocks first.  I encourage you to express these emotions as you have them so you can effectively resolve the issue and free your body of the pain. Feel free to cry, yell, moan or even laugh; whatever it takes to let it out.   It is also normal to have an emotional response long after the treatment is over. Nothing to be alarmed about; be patient with yourself as your body moves through the emotion and you’ll feel much better for releasing it.

After my treatment, I felt worse than before I came into see you.  How did that happen and why?

Your body is healing.  You can't have healing without pain, so your feeling worse may simply be your body's reaction to the increased healing that resulted after the stuck energy was removed.  Additionally, your pain may simply be from your emotions flaring up your low vibrational tissues or trapped emotions.  It may take between 2-7 more sessions for the pain in one area to be completely released, depending on the size of the blocks, how many there are and other extenuating circumstances within your body.  

Your pain could also have been the result of not letting go during your session.  When you don't let go and allow the emotions to leave without hassle, you may experience a healing crisis.  This is rare and usually only happens with unconscious emotions.  You can avoid this by telling yourself you are letting go during your healing session and I promise you, this won't happen.  

How do you know the stuck energy is gone?

I can feel the energy and just know when it has left.  There is so much in this world that we can’t see with our eyes, but trust that it is so.  You can’t see air, but know that you are breathing it in. You can’t see the wind, but can feel it upon your skin.  The same goes for energy work.  I can’t see the energy but can sense where it is, how big it is and when it is no longer there.  Don't necessarily expect the entire block or blocks to be moved out in one treatment.  Depending on their size and number you may need several sessions to remove the block(s) completely.

Do you have any suggestions that would help me during the treatment?

Breathing is so important! Also, try to relax as much as possible.  Tensing up or holding your breath are counterproductive and can actually impede your results.  Keeping with a steady, deep breath will help keep you in a parasympathetic, restful state.  This in turn will help your body relax, heal and let go.

Are these treatments safe to receive while I am pregnant?

Yes!  This treatment is 100% safe for expectant mothers and does wonders for the back pain that plagues most pregnant women.  This pain is often caused by emotional energy blocks, either new or old, that is made worse from the hardships of pregnancy.   While safe to do, I will stop the treatment if you show any signs of distress or if I notice you continuously holding your breath.

How does energy healing over the phone work?

Energy exists on a different plane of existence parallel to ours.  That includes the energy within our body's.  I do my energy healing in that parallel plane.  When energy healing happens over the phone, it's like our energy body's are right next to each other in that parallel plane, though in our reality, we are far apart.  I am not limited by space in my healings because space is irrelevant when it comes to energy.  


What My Clients Say

Rick Light


I’ve been to alot of healers in my life and something about Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing called to me.  I’d recently moved to the Grande Prairie area for work and was looking for a healer who dealt with the energy body.  I felt energetically stuck in my life.  I’m an intuitive guy with energy healing experience of my own, but I felt blinded from why I was stuck and knew I needed someone else to help me see what was going on. 

Danielle was very knowledgeable and intuitive.  She told me things about my situation I had no idea about and in a way that helped me understand why I felt the way I did.  I felt comfortable with her and the healing she provided.  Afterwards she explained everything she did in the healing and told me what to expect moving forward.  After just one session I started seeing and feeling results I’d never had with any of the other healers I’d been to.  I started booking with her regularly and have never looked back.  

I’m so grateful for Danielle and the intuitive and healing help she has given me.  Healing with Danielle is amazing!  She knows what she’s doing and proves what she knows without me saying a word.  She helps me in ways I can’t even explain, just from looking at my energy and telling me what she sees.  I trust what she sees from the way I feel after and from listening to my own inner guidance.  She confirms for me what I already know intuitively and removes the blocks and energy obstacles keeping me from moving forward in my life.  

I have had both in person and phone sessions with her and neither disappoint!  My job keeps me away from GP alot, so I really appreciate being able to receive long distance healings when needed.  She’s great over the phone and always makes you feel like you're the only one that matters.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to heal long distantly because she has helped me out of some sticky messes with her phone healings and intuition.  

Danielle is someone to be grateful for.  She has opened my eyes to many ways of healing I had no idea about for improving myself and my own healing gifts.  I don’t know where I’d be without her intuitive guidance, healings, help understanding all that’s going on with myself and her big healing heart. I 100% recommend her to everyone wanting to understand themselves and their energy better.  Thanks.

Regan Johnson


I met Danielle at the Grande Prairie Women’s Show and booked a Rose Energy Healing session upon learning more about her services. While I know I won’t be able to do this healing service any justice in my description, I have undergone energy healing many times and nothing compared to how I felt after this service. 

During the process, I felt so relaxed and was in and out of consciousness; however, I also felt kind of “out of body” in a way. When the session was finished, I needed a few minutes to gather myself as I was trying to process what I was feeling throughout my body. I kid you not, my whole body felt like it was slightly vibrating/tingling, which I noticed especially in my finger tips, top of my head, and even my tongue. I felt exponentially more light, calm, flowy, and focused - and as a woman with ADHD and control issues, I was blown away.

I’d say the first two days after my session I felt at ease while in a sense of “knowing” before my heightened awareness slowly dissipated back to a normal elevation. However, I truly believe this session reinvigorated something in me that I am still trying to understand.

Unequivocally, I am overjoyed that I got to experience Rose Energy Healing and I will definitely continue to tell every person I’ve met in my life about it. If you are looking for a magical and unexplainable self-experience - this is it.

 Zero regrets! Danielle is phenomenal at what she does!

Jody S

Financial Administrator/Truck enthusiast

I’ve tried so many different therapies that only addressed the symptoms of my condition and not the root cause.  They worked to a point, but never for very long.  

Let me tell you, not being able to feel your feet or lower legs makes it difficult to do anything, especially climbing stairs or driving a manual transmission vehicle.  Truck racing is my passion.  My numbness and pain got to the point where it was unsafe to drive and I was starting to fall.  

A neurologist diagnosed me as having significant nerve damage.  I was told that nothing could be done about it and that it would only get worse with time.  I tried everything with little to no success.  

That is, until a Facebook post for Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release popped up on my newsfeed, over and over and over again.  I may be slow on the uptake, but I finally realized it was popping up for a reason and it was time to see what all the fuss was about.  

I’m very thankful that I did!  I knew it worked after the first session when I had feeling back in my feet.  No other therapy I’d tried had given me that kind of result.  No more waking up with pain, numbness and swelling during the night.   I could finally get a good night's sleep.  

Added bonus from continuing to work with Danielle - the old me doesn’t exist anymore!  I came to see Danielle to fix my physical problems and ended up also fixing my energy problems as well.  The person I see in the mirror doesn’t look the same - everything has changed for me.  

Having my energy blocks removed with Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release has allowed me to face and deal with emotional trauma that I either wasn’t able to or chose not to do in the past.  It has allowed me to move forward in my life happy and healthy.  

I very much look forward to coming to my treatments with Danielle.  Not only for the healing I receive but also on a friendship level.  Healing with Danielle has been a blast! Treatments with her have facilitated the end to the old, unconfident me that I used to be and has allowed me to move uninhibited into my best life ever.   

I believe I get much more out of my sessions with Danielle than the energy healing that I come for.  My divorce for example.  It was my wedding anniversary and I had been checking for an email all day regarding the finalization of my divorce.  I checked my email again after a session where energy blockages concerning my ended marriage had been removed.  There, sitting in my inbox, was the email I had been waiting for, time stamped for 11:11am that morning.  Funny thing is, my session didn’t finish until after 6pm.  Crazy coincidence.  

Even if you don’t understand how energy or spirituality work, I’m telling you Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release is worth a try.  There is benefit for everyone.  Energy healing is something that no conventional medicine deals with.  I’m very thankful that there’s a therapy that can clear the energy blockages in the way of true healing.

I absolutely recommend Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing and working with Danielle.  There is no other treatment I’ve come across that deals with trapped energy within the body, which I now know has been the root cause of all my pain.  

Crystal Thompson

Jewellery Maker/Business Owner

Danielle has been amazing! 

Her energy healing techniques have really changed the way I walk and move. 

I was walking with a cane when I first met her and now I am cane-free and walking confidently.  I’m learning so much about how trauma and emotions can get stuck in the body and cause pain.  She makes it all so easy to understand.

She loves helping people!! 

Crystal Thompson & Otilja Majewski

Catch Part 1 of their testimonial below......Starts at 4:07 minutes

Dave Doyle


I have suffered from degenerative disc disorder and arthritis in my lower back for years.  When I am in one of my bad phases, that often last for months at a time, I am in constant pain, stiff in the mornings and have a rather hard time moving around.  I am in so much discomfort that I have problems sleeping. 

I'd tried many therapies to find relief, including massage, acupuncture and physio, but the results were always temporary and the pain would always come back. 

Due to the pain I was in at the time from a 3 month long bad back phase and past experiences, I was very hesitant when Danielle suggested I try Wolfe Non-Surgical Deep Tissue Therapy - something I had never heard of or quite understood. 

Pleasant surprise - not only did the treatment not hurt as much as I had expected, but it worked!  I was back in a good back phase and feeling great in a few days. I was shocked!  I did not expect immediate results like that.  If you asked me to explain the how or why of it, I can’t.   All I know is Wolfe Non-Surgical Deep Tissue Therapy is very deep and very different from any other treatment I have ever tried and that it works!  This has been a great experience for me. 

You might think the story ends there, but there’s more.  I knew Danielle well and knew she had more to give.  I would always ask her where she suggested we work on, but she would always leave that up to me.  That is until one day, she didn’t.  

She told me there were two energy blocks in my spine and even pointed them out to me.  I was shocked to be honest.  She’d been working on my back on and off for months at this time.  The spots she touched were exactly where the pain always lingered.  How the hell could she have known that?  I’d never told her.  But she knew all the same.  

We are back to what I said before - if you asked me to explain the how or why of it, I can’t.  All I know is she was right. 

I believed in her before she believed in herself and now she is happier and more passionate than I have ever seen her.  She was never as confident as she was that day either.  She knew what would end my pain and I can tell you she did.  Danielle is someone you definitely want to meet. 

Reanne Copley


You definitely wanna try this Rose Energy Healing.  

I had a heart awakening with Danielle and got bodywork done too.  Both have been life changing for me.  

She has been able to remove deep seeded hurt and pain that I had buried deep within myself to do with my value as a human/woman/partner/mother. 

She has also helped me loosen tension on my back, shoulders and neck from years of neglecting my body while standing in survival mode. 

Beyond Belief Mind Body Healing Testimonial Amanda

In February 2020, I fell skiing and tore the ACL and meniscus in my left knee and bruised my tibia. The pain and swelling, along with the fact that I could not straighten or bend my leg, was too much for me. Unfortunately, I was not able to get into surgery for several months.

Before and after the surgery, I was depressed from not being able to do the activities I loved - running, hiking, yoga...the list goes on. 
I was going to physiotherapy twice a week after surgery, and while it did help, the instant fast results I received from Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing were amazing! 

After the first treatment, I could reach behind me and grab my ankle, experienced little to no swelling and also got a boost of energy! I was even able to play a round of disc golf right after. I also was able to participate in a yoga class. I still could not do everything in the class, but much more than I could do before the treatment with Danielle.

I cancelled the rest of my physiotherapy appointments and instead, have seen Danielle and Tenielle a few more times. Overall, I feel so much better! I have my life back because of these deep tissue treatments! 
Words of advice.... breathe and relax during the treatment as much as possible - no pain no gain! Thank you. 

Andrea Salway


Highly recommend!

Danielle knows how to find the exact spot to work on that I didn’t even know was a pain culprit… such relief from these sessions - physically, spiritually and emotionally!

I also love how the different types of sessions she offers can work together to address things from different angles.

Karen Vanderzee TestimonialBeyod Belief Mind Body HealingTestimonial_
Karen Vanderzee


I have been suffering from headaches, chronic neck pain and very tight shoulders for what feels like forever! 

I tried massage, chiropractic's, but nothing ever quite did the trick… until I found Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing. I didn’t know what to expect to begin with, but thought I would give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised after my first neck treatment when I did not have the usual fogginess that was so often in my head. Not long after my second neck treatment, the constant headache that had plagued me for days completely vanished! 

I also released some emotions during that second treatment, which continued long after I got home.  Before that, I felt like my emotions had been blocked for some time - like others may view me as uncaring due to my lack of visible feelings. I am relieved to have my emotions flowing again, instead of stuck - being able to show how I truly feel. 

The first word that comes to mind to describe working with Danielle is AWESOME! They are wonderful ladies who genuinely want to help people. 

I highly recommend Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing to anyone who suffers from pain and wants it gone! This technique is able to get into the deep tissue unlike any other treatment out there. 

I am living a much happier life now - free of constant headaches, tense muscles and perpetual brain fog.

Thank you! 

Jennifer Lizotte


I have been suffering frequently from chronic knee pain since I tore the meniscus in my left knee in 2017.  I had two surgeries to correct the injury, one in 2019 and another in 2021 after tearing it again.  

My knees were constantly inflamed, taking days to return to normal after any extended period of activity.  I felt extremely limited in what I could do, as everything seemed to make it worse - especially stairs, walking and standing for long periods.  I’d tried many therapies such as physio and acupuncture, all with short term relief.   

Before I discovered Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing and their unique therapy, I’d felt like I’d tried everything.  I thought to myself, “Well, I haven’t tried that” and, despite it not being covered by benefits, decided to give it a go.   
I am so glad I did!  That first night, my knee had significantly less pain than ever before with considerably more flexibility. The stairs were much easier on my knee as well.  I didn’t expect to see improvement that quickly!  I feel better and better after each treatment I receive and I’m always happy with the improvements I see.   
Their way of healing is a different way of healing; one I feel you cannot figure out until you’ve experienced it for yourself.  I tell everyone, “If you’ve tried everything else, then try this.  You have nothing to lose and you may be surprised by the results.” 
I highly recommend working with Danielle and Tenielle.  They are very welcoming, friendly, easy going and caring in all that they do.  I appreciate them working with me and meeting me where I’m at. They’re always encouraging me to make gentle healing changes for myself.  We’ve developed a friendship, one that goes beyond that of the average practitioner and client relationship.  I feel like I can really talk to them like I would a friend, without feeling judged or looked down upon. They are both amazing and go above and beyond to help you achieve the results you want.   

Beyond Belief Mind Body Healing Testimonial Yasna Paola Aedo Martinez_
Yasna Aedo-Martinez


I am a high level athlete, running 24 hour marathons, training hard everyday to keep me strong and at top performance. I put my body through a great deal of wear and tear, always pushing through the pain, getting one injury after another. 

I do not feel the pain from all my past injuries so much during the day as my body is always warm from constant training and pushing myself to the limit. I feel it more so at night and in the morning when my body is at rest. I have difficulty sleeping because the pain keeps me up much of the night and I experience plenty of stiffness before I begin my training each day. 

I am always trying new ways to heal my body and be the best I can be. Nothing I’ve tried gave me the deep muscle release I got from Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release. I’d always thought those other therapies were working, but no. After only one treatment, I felt so much better than ever before! I was able to sleep through the night with no lumbar pain, for the first time in what feels like forever! I feel like my body is finally able to recover from old injuries and I am pushing myself harder than ever before. This therapy works amazing! 

Beyond-Belief-Mind-Body-Healing-Testimonial-Tim Mugambi
Tosh Mugambi


Occasionally I share a service that's given me incredible results...with the physical abuse I've put my body through the years, was starting to have trouble walking due extreme pain in my feet.. collapsed arches.. getting out of bed most mornings was tough..went for my first treatment..5 days after, no pain, skipping is fun again.. will be going for more sessions... 


Sandra Testimonial Beyond Belief Mind Body Healing_
Sandra Reimer


Massage, while relaxing, never gave me the kind of long lasting, deep relief I craved. 

I met Danielle at the Grande Prairie Night Market at her booth for Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing. She was offering mini-sessions for this unique deep tissue therapy and I was intrigued. I could feel in the first ten minutes that this was exactly what I had been looking for but could never find. 

I loved it so much, I became their best customer, returning to their booth several times before the market finished. I never knew how much better I could feel until experiencing these treatments. I gained so much more flexibility, joint mobility and freer muscles over the weekend that I called the next day to book an appointment. It wasn’t just the therapy that kept me coming back, it was also how very personable and caring Danielle was, ensuring me with their actions and demeanor how genuinely interested they were in my health.  I’d been expecting  

I strongly believe that they are in this more to help others and less to financially gain from it. 

I highly recommend Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing to everyone and do so at every opportunity (something I do not often do). Not only because the results you receive are immediate and long lasting, but also because of the friendly and inviting service you will receive. The services, support and knowledge provided could be the key when it comes to your health and well-being. You may be pleasantly surprised....I know I was. Thank you. 

Roger Bruce

Business Owner/Entrepeneur

I’m a real go-getter, never wanting to slow down or stop working, regardless of my age.  It’s what keeps you young and at age 70, I’m starting to feel my age.  I would not be exaggerating if I said I enjoy getting the most of life.   I love going for long walks outside and my job has me in and out of trucks and trailers all day, keeping me young in my mind.  My body doesn’t always agree with me though.    

My knees have been difficult to deal with for the past 10 years, making my days much less enjoyable.  Long walks don’t make me happy anymore, being on concrete makes my knees flare up and don’t get me started on jumping in and out of trailers or my truck.   

I’ve tried lots of different supplements to try and combat the pain in my knees with little to no success.  I was with my wife at the GP Valentine’s Market back in February and one booth really caught my eye. There I learned all about their unique body therapy that they guaranteed would give me results.  I thought why not and booked an appointment on the spot.   

I was quite surprised by the results actually.   Two days after my first treatment, I could already notice a significant difference, especially on the back of my knee.  Movement was much easier, getting out of my truck and being able to straighten my knees took way less effort and my pain was much less of a burden.  I felt happy with the results.   

I’m not going to lie, there are pointy elbows and pain involved, but I don’t dread going each week.  Rather, I look forward to being able to walk and run again.  Don’t let a little pain stop you from enjoying life again.   

Everyone gets conditioned to pain. I see it alot at my age.  Everyone else is in pain, so I should be too.  I’ve recommended this therapy to so many of my friends whom I see in pain on a daily basis and not one of them has tried it yet.  I believe it’s because pain is so commonplace nowadays.  What’s the point in having hope?  

I can tell you from my results, this therapy works.  I now have hope one day I will be able to walk without pain.  I’m tired of having bad days and look forward to having only good ones, where pain is a thing of the past.   

beyond belief body mind healing testimonial marie_2

My hip has been in steady, though manageable pain for about eight years now. However, during the past year, this pain has increased and grown more severe. There were several days I did not want to even move and dreaded going up the stairs. Simple movement was often difficult. Chiropractic would help for awhile, or at least until I walked out the door. One wrong move and I would be right back to square one. 
When I heard about Beyond Belief and the deep tissue therapy offered, I hoped that it would get in there really deep. I felt this was something my body needed and no massage therapist or anyone, would ever go in deep enough. I was not disappointed! 
I knew it worked right after my first treatment. I was overjoyed! I did not have any pain in my hip area for days! This was something that had NEVER happened before. While the pain did return, it was significantly less. These treatments give me hope that I will gain a life free of pain. 

I definitely recommend Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing to all you pain sufferers out there. It helped me a great deal. Just do not necessarily expect all of your pain to disappear after just one treatment, especially if you’ve been living with it for a long time. 
Thank you! 

What Energy Blocks Are Behind Your Pain?

There are many ways your energy can become blocked.  Everyone has energy blocks of some variety or another.  How much they bother you depends on how blocked you are in energy.     

To live pain free and in alignment with yourself, first you must remove the energy  blocks within your heart, mind, soul, body and spirit. 

Contact Danielle to learn more about how blocked your energy is and what's behind those blocks during your FREE mini Rose Energy Reading!  

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