Intuitive Readings 

What’s in the way of you achieving your dreams?   Energy, that’s what.   

Trapped Energy

Energy, in the form of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, mindset, love, happiness and past lives, all block you from getting to where you want to go

This energy can become trapped within your body, or simply block your path by blocking your energy flow.   


How is this energy blocking you from moving forwardBy keeping you stuck. 

How do you get unstuck?   

With an intuitive reading – Rose Energy Style! 

Intuitive readings are a great self-discovery tool

They allow you to see, feel and understand things you might not otherwise be conscious of in your energy.  

Through learning whats happening in your energy now, you then have the power to change your path 

Awareness brings powerPower to bring your dreams to life.  Power to choose the path you wantPower to change your energy to work with you, rather than against you.   

Your power for positive change is brought with an intuitive reading tuned specially into your energy! 

Offering a new spin on oracle and tarot card readings, Rose Energy Intuitive Readings are amazing at discovering the energy blocks stopping you from achieving your goals and keeping you stuck 

These unique energy readings follow the flow of your heart and spirit energy to uncover all that’s meant for you to know to help you stay on your desired and spirit led path.   

Receive guidance from your heart, spirit and Universe to know what’s in store for you!  Don’t allow doubt and not knowing to keep you stuck Allow your Rose Energy Intuitive Reading to shine light on your future possibilities.  

Understanding Your Energy

Energy defies understanding, especially when you don’t understand yourself. Energy are thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires, not all of which are consciously known. It’s hard to understand something you have no conscious awareness of. Intuitive Readings bring awareness and understanding to what’s not known.


Bringing Clarity to Chaos 

Chaos happens before change. No matter the change, whether it be healing, letting go or moving down a new path, there is always chaos. This is usually a result of the energy behind the change. This chaos can be brought into understanding and moved past though intuitive guidance. No better way to do that than with an intuitive reading. 

Overcoming Obstacles

What’s standing in your way? Why aren’t you getting to where you want to go? What can you do in your energy to get out of your way? There are many ways you can become blocked from your desires, most of which are from energy blocks within your life. Intuitive readings help you overcome obstacles on your path through awareness and intentional healing. 

Heart Guidance Through Intuitive Readings

Emotions create the path you walk downEmotions determine which way you go 

Yes, logic plays a part, but emotions fuel logical thinking.  Emotions live in the heart, while logic comes from the mindYour emotions lead you forward far more than logic does 

We like to think our decisions are based on logic, when in reality, most decisions are truly made based on emotional thinking.  Our emotions have control over us, until we learn how to control our emotions.   

Your heart is emotions central

Everything you feel starts in the heartYour heart is the emotional brainYour heart is where most of your decisions are made 

WhyBecause our decisions are based on how we feel and the desires we have.  We naturally move towards our desiresUnfortunately, sometimes our desires are not what we truly want or think they areSometimes they are based on past programs, conditionings, patterns, beliefs, influences or unhappiness.   

There are many energies within us, all working together for our highest benefitEnergies in your Ego, Higher Mind, Subconscious/Conscious minds, spirit and heart all flow together to bring you what you want and to keep you safe 

Sometimes what you want may not be the same in each of these areasThis can lead to conflict, confusion and constant upheaval within your energy, especially your heartYour heart feels the conflict more due to its emotional state, which can lead the way to many problems in a person's energy and health. 

Healing, ending pain and conflict resolution within self happens when the energy within you is all working harmoniously

This is not always easy when those many energies are all on different pages of the same book – your safety, well-being and desires – all fueled by your heart felt emotions  

There are many reasons your energy stops flowing in harmony, many of them on a deep unconscious or spiritual level that may not be easy or even possible to figure out without deep detective work 

How do you return harmony to energy when you have no idea why it’s behaving the way it isBy gaining insight into the energy with intuitive readings! 

Rose Energy Intuitive Readings will help you uncover what’s behind your energy disharmony while also providing insights on how to resolve it.    

The insights and guidance you gain during your intuitive reading will help you bring resolution to what’s causing the disruption faster and restore your heart to happiness!   

Allow the cards, your heart’s energy and your Spirit Guides to show you the way forward to energy harmonizing resolutionResolve the imbalances in your heart energy on all levels through greater awareness with your intuitive reading, done Rose Energy style! 

Lean Into Your Life Force Energy with Intuitive Readings 

Everyone has a path open only to their energy This path is yours to follow for your lifetime, with many decisions along the way Those decisions help steer you toward your destiny 

There are times though, that you may lose your waySometimes things happen that keep you from staying true to your pathThis can create energy imbalances and problems for you in your energy resulting in hardships and distress. 

Your life force energy is the blueprint for your destined path

This energy can become blocked just like any other energy and will keep you stuck if not corrected Once blocked, your life force energy stays stuck until you change your emotional state 

Doing this is not always easy because energy causing the block may not be ready to release or may not be in your conscious awareness to release. Letting go of emotional energy is more easily done with awareness and desire.  

Your life force energy may also become hurt in some wayThis can happen during dark times in your life such as trauma or self-harmThis could disrupt the natural flow of your life force energy and stop your path from progressing 

Intuitive readings are a great way to discover how your destined path is blocked and how to redirect your natural energy flow.  Understand why your spirit led path isn’t open to you with the guidance you receive during your Rose Energy Intuitive Reading. 

After learning all about what’s keeping you stuck, how do you get unstuck on your path Your reading will provide you with some insights and guidance Meditation may point you in the right directionHappiness and acceptance with where you’re at will help.  

Unblocking your life force energy without hassle with Rose Energy HealingRose Energy Healing is the perfect complement to any intuitive readingLearn what’s keeping you stuck during your reading and then release it the fast way with your Rose Energy Healing! 

Intuitive Readings Help You Get Out of Your Way

Your emotions either help you or hurt you. 

Your emotions help you move in alignment with who you are, but they may also hinder you from your goals

Wouldn’t you just love to achieve all your goals with no emotional misdirection?   

Emotional misdirection is when your energy doesn’t flow where you want it to go due to emotions not knownThese unknown emotions are usually felt on a deep unconscious level.  Sometimes they are from childhood; sometimes they are from unhealed trauma; and sometimes theyre not even yours!

Energy Works In Mysterious Ways, Especially When It Comes To Emotions

Your emotions are not always what they seem and if you aren’t getting to where you want to go, chances are a renegade emotion is behind it.   

What emotions do is create energy around what you want and don’t want.  The more energy around desired outcomes or undesired outcomes determines where your energy flows.   

Where your mind and focus goes, your energy flows. 

Your energy are your emotions, so good or bad, what you emotionally focus on will happen.  Focus on positive outcomes and they are much more likely to happen, but sometimes, our negative emotions sneak in and kibosh everything.  

Intuitive readings, Rose Energy style, will help you understand your mystery emotions and redirect your emotional focus, both on a conscious and unconscious level.  Discover how your emotions are getting in your way and how to keep them happy with intuitive guidance.

Keep your emotions in flow with your desired outcomes and stay on track with what you truly want with your Rose Energy Intuitive Readings! 

Intuitive Readings and Healing With Cards

Emotions don’t just stop your natural flow toward your desired outcomes.  

They can also cause poor body function, health concerns and pain when trapped within your organs and tissues.  

Understanding your physical state starts with understanding your emotional state, which comes from understanding your energy.  

When you understand your energy and how it’s blocking you, you then have the power to do something about it.  


This isn’t a replacement for medical care, but rather a compliment to itThere are many natural healing methods available healing your energy is one of them. 

Make Sense of Your Emotions and Their Effect On The Physical

Intuitive readings will bring awareness to the energy behind your health problems so you can heal them yourself, faster and with less uncertainty.  Note – always follow the advice of your doctor. 

Bring resolution to your energy mystery with Rose Energy Intuitive Readings!   Bring energy awareness through Oracle and Tarot cards to your health situation to help guide you towards happy results.  

leave Emotional Darkness -  Intuitive Readings Can Help 

Have you ever felt drowned by despair, depression, distress, helplessness or fear.  These dark emotions can be overwhelming at times and difficult to overcomeYou may feel lost in a sea of darkness with no light in sightDespair and depression can be all consuming and stop you from healing on all levels and enjoying lifeFear stops you from doing anything good for you and keeps you feeling helplessWhat can you do in these situations


I recommend you find someone you trust to talk toGoing through dark emotional times alone is never easy and requires support to resolveAfter support is in place, bring clarity to the energy involved


After support is in place, bring clarity to the energy involvedAs someone who’s experienced her fair share of emotional chaos and came back from it after learning all the emotions in play and the reasons behind them, I understand the power of clarity 


Judge yourself no more once you understand how natural the emotions youre feeling are and how you’re not a horrible, disgusting person because of them.

As someone who’s experienced her fair share of emotional chaos and came back from it after learning all the emotions in play and the reasons behind them, I understand the power of clarity.  Judge yourself no more once you understand how natural the emotions youre feeling are and how you’re not a horrible, disgusting person because of them.


you're not alone

Understand everyone feels the way you do sometimes and that sometimes those feelings get out of control in a very destructive wayIt doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you – it means your energy is very out of alignment

Clarity can be found with intuitive readingsUnderstand why you feel the way you do and how to step out of the darkness for goodDiscover ways to come back from emotional darkness in a safe environment, with someone who’s been there herselfGain clarity through cards, intuitive guidance and reading your energy during your Rose Energy Intuitive Readings and take your power back!   

Discover more about how your emotional state is keeping you stuck during your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session.   

Where Do I Go From Here? 

Graphic of one road splitting into two directions

Find Out With an Intuitive Reading 

Have no idea where you’re goingThis wayThat wayWhich wayAre you stuck with no clear idea where you’re moving? 

The path you’re on is littered with decisions. Each decision leads you to the place you’re meant to go. No matter how you choose, you are meant to go thereYou will learn valuable life lessons and gain knowledge that will help you make future decisionsNo decision is wrong, and all decisions are right.   

I’m sure you’re wondering how that makes senseNothing makes sense when it comes to life. Life is a great mystery with endless possibilities that all circle around and lead you to the same place. 

 Want to get to where you’re going quicker?  Want less twists and turns along the journey of life?  Want a clearer course Intuitive readingsRose Energy Style will help you stay on track with your desired destination and get you to where you’re going faster.   

Learn more about the possibilities ahead of you and which way will lead you to your destiny with the least number of detours Trust in Rose Energy Intuitive Readings to guide you down the path you most desire.   

Intuitive Readings From Your Guides

What do you want to know? What’s on your mind that just won’t keep quietWhat questions are burning within you? Intuitive readings can bring you the answers you seek.  If you never ask, you may always be left wondering.   

Rose Energy Intuitive Readings are your perfect opportunity to get your burning questions answeredThe guidance you receive will help clear your mental desk so you can feel confident knowing you’re on the right trackDeceive yourself no more with answers from your guides and your own energyHeal on all levels when you ask questions about what’s moving through your energy during your intuitive reading, Rose Energy Style!  

Go aheadGet curiousAsk and receive helpful knowledge and wisdom with your Rose Energy Intuitive Readings! 



Some require more time than others and I feel it's not fair to charge an hourly rate; therefore, we charge per session at a maximum time of 2 hours.  No extra charge for more time spent.


Beyond Belief offers support after your reading. You have access to me via text, phone or email if you have further questions or confusion. This is available 10 days post session.


There are many possible paths open to you at any given time.  I see the paths before you and help bring clarity to those infinite possibilities to bring you to the one you want! 

How Much Does A Rose Energy Healing Reading Cost?




Here is everything included with your one-on-one session:

  • Between 1-2 hours spent via video chat or in person VALUE $90
  • Between 5 and 10 Tarot or Oracle card decks used to help provide guidance and energy understanding VALUE $150
  • A recording of your reading for you to keep VALUE $20
  • An opportunity for you to ask between 2-4 questions you love VALUE $80 

BONUS - Email support for 10 days to ask questions, reflect, and share


Most Common Questions About Intuitive Readings

What are the benefits of an intuitive reading – Rose Energy Style?

There are many benefits to receiving an intuitive reading, especially a Rose Energy one. These unique readings:

  • Offer clarity of your heart’s energy and spirit led path
  • Uncovers the energy behind your emotions, beliefs, actions and choices
  • Helps you deal with past trauma and understand the heart energy you hold
  • Brings knowing to your spirit and soul gifts 
  • Helps restore harmony and balance your life
  • Offers insights into your possible future
  • Brings understanding to what’s in your energy
  • Helps you move aligned to your heart
  • Helps create understanding of yourself

Why are there answers to my questions that I don’t believe?

This is common for those not ready to receive the answer that’s needed and only the answer they want to hear.  Do you really want to know, or do you only want the answer you're hoping for?  This happened to me lots over my healing journey. I’d ask a question and not accept the answer I’d been given because I wasn’t ready to hear it or believe.  

Before you ask the question, ensure you’re ready for the answer. 

Are you receiving information from an unseen source during my reading?

Yes. I receive downloads and hear whispers from the Universe, spirit and your guides. I have been experiencing such energy infusions since I was a child and have become quite versed in understanding the information received. This is not the only place I receive insight during your reading. I also receive insight from my own intuition, empathic gifts and higher self. And the cards of course...... 

How do you understand a person’s energy during the readings?

I understand what I see from lots of practice. I also feel from my empathic gifts, which I’ve had lots of practice with as well. It’s as simple for me to understand energy as it is for me to read a book. I’ve done it so many times over the course of my life that it just comes to me naturally.  

There is no entering your energy space to understand what I see and feel. It is all done while respecting your energy boundaries.

How much energy do you need to channel to receive the information asked for during my reading?

Very little. I have healed so much of my energy that hearing my guidance comes naturally. It takes no more energy to channel the energy needed for your reading as it would for me to speak to you or write notes. The less healed a person’s energy is, especially in the chakras, higher consciousness and higher self, the more energy is needed to channel and receive information.

What happens during a Rose Energy Intuitive Reading? 

Enlightenment. I allow my intuition, your energy, your heart and guidance from above to guide me to the cards and wisdom needed to answer your questions, bring resolution to what’s bothering you and guide you down your spirit led path.


Beyond Belief believes that an everyone requires a different amount of time for understanding their energy. Some require more time than others and I feel it's not fair to charge more; therefore, we charge per session at a maximum time of 2 hours.

Are readings recorded? 

Yes, an audio recording of your in person Rose Energy Intuitive Reading is available if you’d like. Online readings will receive a video recording. Must be requested before the start of your reading.

Do you communicate with spirit and the dead?

Yes and no. If that’s what is meant for you during your reading then yes, I do. However, I do not call in spirit or those passed away. If you are meant to receive a message from a loved one or ancestor, it will happen. 

Intuitive Readings testimonialS

Happy Customer Michelle Goodard that had our Rose Energy Intuitive Reading Service

Michelle Goodard

Shipper & Receiver

I met Danielle at a Trade Show and we just instantly clicked. I felt drawn to her in a way I didn’t understand, but knew it felt right. I needed something here. She was telling me she did Oracle Card readings and I was intrigued. I had been working to manifest so many things and felt this would help me.

I didn’t tell her a whole lot about me that first meeting, but it was like she just knew. It was almost like she was in my head. I was dumbfounded by how exact she was. It’s the small little things she said that stuck in my head and got me really thinking. The cards told me what was happening in my life and helped me understand the ins and outs of my energy. I like how Danielle broke things down in an easy to understand way. I didn’t get my defenses up either.... which is quite unusual for me.  With each card, she would explain to me what it meant and give me clarity on what was needed. She helped me gain understanding on the path I’d been manifesting and how to become the person on that path.  

I want to take everything we talk about and grow from there to become a better person. I want to learn more about how to connect with spirit and my guides and accept things for what they are. I know she can help me with that. The proof is in the pudding. I’ve already noticed changes since seeing Danielle. I handle situations totally different now. I like control. I have always been a very controlling person, where I have to control everything around me or I wouldn’t feel safe. But now, it’s not the end of the world when I’m not in control. I accept what I can’t control and know I can get through it.

Rose Energy Intuitive Readings are great. They’ve really helped me get to where I want to go. Danielle is amazing at what she does. I truly believe people need clarity and guidance to better understand themselves, their energy and their surroundings because everyone in life struggles. It’s an everyday thing and it doesn’t have to be.... when you understand the energy involved. That’s what you’ll find with Danielle and her loving guidance.

Intuitive Readings by Beyond Belief Testimonial

Tracy Wilson

Office Administrator

This amazing lady has changed my life forever - I no longer look at the world the same - her healing energy is beyond any words out there!!!

But I swear she can do all that and sooooooooooooo much more !!! Every session I learn more everytime - she has healed a great portion of my body!  I live to see her and every session just gets better!  She will amaze you, so be prepared !!!!

She’s a mentor and inspiration for living your best life ever !!!!

Thanks Danielle for all you do !!! Luv ya!