Unblock Yourself By Unblocking Your Energy 

Grande Prairie, Alberta 

Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing was built on the belief that the most effective way to end pain and lead the most amazing life is through clearing all the energy blocks in your body.

Heal your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit beyond belief when you free your energy!  All blocks within your energy are blocks within your physical body too.  Blocked energy equals pain, feeling "stuck" and dis-ease.

My passion is to motivate and empower my clients with the knowledge needed to free their own energy, while also making them aware how disruptive a blocked energy body is to a happy pain free life.

Rose Energy Healing

Free Your Energy and End Your Pain

Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of your pain and dis-ease and they still won’t go away? Nothing’s working? Then Rose Energy Healing is exactly what you’ve been looking for!   

Rose Energy Healing will open up your heart, body, mind and spirit to healing like nothing before!  End your pain by unblocking your energy on all levels, revitalizing your life force, clearing your spirit energy and harmonizing your chakras!

You must experience this revolutionary healing practice for yourself!  There is nothing quite like it!

BONUS - Rose Energy Healing is also available over the phone or video call.  



No matter the energy - emotional, spiritual, karmic, divine or earth - this therapy will end the pain you feel by healing the energy blocked within your body.


Is pain preventing you from enjoying life the way you'd like to? Frozen Shoulder? Headache?  Knee pain?  Bad back?  Free the stuck energy within your body to end your pain once and for all!

Rose Energy Healing

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Don't forget spirit when healing yourself.  Healing done on a spiritual level is needed to end your pain for good.  Connect to spirit, heal your spiritual connection and be harmonious with spirit for more effective life changing, pain ending results!  



Healing begins in the heart.  A damaged or broken heart doesn't equal pain free living.  Heal your heart energy to heal your heart.  A healed heart brings happiness, love and joy to your life.  

   Rose Energy 

  Deep Tissue Release

Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release

Looking for energy work AND deep tissue therapy to release your stuck energy, end your pain and heal your joints, muscles and ligaments?  

Then Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release is what you're looking for!

Combining both deep tissue therapy and energy healing, this unique approach to healing effectively works with your body, directly targeting the source of your pain and dis-ease in three ways to free your body of blocks, imbalances, damage and pain.

Free your stuck energy to end your pain and heal on all levels with Rose Energy Deep Tissue Release!

Guiding Light Emotional Energy Counselling

Dream Life Not Within Reach?

Learn the Healthy Way For Creating Your Pain Free Dream Day 

Learning the best approach to healthy, pain free living is much easier than you think.    

The key to living pain free is moving through each day one second at a time; continually checking in with yourself and making positive, healthy choices that support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing you wish to see in yourself. 

Pain free living can’t happen when you don’t understand your emotions and don’t control them.  Your pain is simply trapped emotions within your body that flair up whenever you feel a similar emotion.  This pain is made worse when you don’t live a healthy lifestyle.   

What to live a pain free life?  Each decision you make that supports the pain free vision you want to achieve is one step closer to building the healthy habits needed to get there.    


Your body is not the problem when it comes to the pain you feel.  However, it often gets blamed for it.  The blame truly lies with your heart.  

Your heart wants nothing more than to be free of pain, but doesn’t do anything to help you be free of it.  Your emotions are felt first in the heart, and then the mind and then your body.  When you are emotionally overwhelmed, your body will trap the emotions in your body to stop the overwhelm.  However, this eventually results in physical pain once enough emotions are piled up.  

Your mind is the problem in one way….focusing on the problem and not the solution.  The more you focus on your pain, the more pain you will feel. And then this only leads to being emotional about the pain you are in.  Vicious cycle that only stops once you gain awareness of what’s going on and decide to stop feeding the fire.   Your mind only stops focusing on your pain when you decide to stop focusing on your pain.  This isn’t a problem unless you don’t ever want to be free of your pain….which some people actually want.

My story begins with punishing myself with pain.  I felt on some deep level that I deserved the pain I felt in my body and I backed up that program with poor eating habits, emotions and poor health decisions.  I know I’m not alone either.  Many people feel the same way I felt not so long ago and I am here to shed light on this painful truth…..that many people are walking around with a pain body program that they would prefer to feed with focus then end.  Do you think you fall into this club?  

The heart doesn’t help you stop the pain cycle because it doesn’t want to be free either.  The more pain you’re in, the more energy goes to your heart.  This is because you’re protecting your heart from whatever is causing the pain and the energy sent to your heart shields it from harm.  This sounds backwards….and it is.  But your heart doesn’t know any better and neither does your Ego.   They are stuck in patterns that have been haunting you since you were between the ages of 0-7 and will continue to be until you decide to break the cycle and gain awareness.  

Want to understand how your mind, body and energy are influenced and blocked from your childhood years?  Find out during Guiding Light Emotional Energy Counselling. 

5 Healthy Habits for Creating Your Dream Life the Natural Way 


Intentionally changing your breathing pattern is a simple, yet powerful way to heal your body, mind and spirit.   

Staying in the present moment daily, along with a healthy diet, gives your gut exactly what it needs to heal and work the way it’s supposed to.   

Slow conscious breath signals to your brain and body that you are safe, allowing you to relax, destress, release anxiety and heal.   

Make it a practice to check in with yourself throughout the day and notice the difference deep breathing can make! 


There is nothing more important to your health than drinking enough water every day. 

Think of your body with enough H2O as a hydrated grape and without as a dried-up raisin.    Believe it or not, the average woman needs between 3-4L of water a day while the average man needs between 4-5L a day.

Not just any water will do.  You want water free of toxins, full of hydration, that will also give you energy.  The more hydrating and energy giving the water you drink, the faster you will heal.

Want the healthiest water available?  Nothing beats Structured Water when it comes to giving your body what it needs to thrive.   

Your energy will thank you for drinking Structured Water.  Find out more during your Mind Body Spirit Reconnection Session!


Want to FEEL AMAZING each and every day with LOADS OF ENERGY?   

Who doesn’t?   

What food you fuel your body with is a good place to start.  

Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition with a mainly fresh and raw diet is exactly what your body needs to heal and feel incredible every day! 


Want to feel great, have more energy with less pain, improve your mood and even add years to your life? It’s as simple as making exercise and daily movement an enjoyable part of your everyday routine.    

You don’t need to spend hours at it either; even 10 minutes of physical activity has profound effects on your health.  

For maximum health benefit, balance contractual exercises, such as running or weightlifting, with restorative, balancing ones, like yoga or foam rolling.   


Ending pain and emotional turmoil is as simple as giving your body what it needs to heal. 

Having a positive mental attitude everyday goes a long way toward supporting your body while it heals. 


Helping Others Heal

Struggling with chronic pain, anger issues, low energy, emotional overwhelm, empath problems, weight loss, abdominal complaints, spiritual disconnect, loss of self, mindset negativity, limiting beliefs, dissatisfaction with life or heartache?

Do you feel stuck in your life, pain or emotions?

Did you know that all of these concerns can be linked to stuck or blocked energy within your body?

Did you know that most energy blocks are due to emotional overwhelm and negative beliefs?

Did you know not feeling motivated is largely from energy blocks within your solar plexis?

How are energy blocks impacting your health, happiness, heart and hope?

Danielle My Story Beyond Belief Mind Body Healing

The woman on the left was me.

The difference between these two photos is just 9 months.  It was much easier than you think, and I would love to help you free your energy, clear your blocks and free your spirit though natural, energy healing practices for happy, healthy pain free living.  

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What they say

Sandra Testimonial Beyond Belief Mind Body Healing_

I highly recommend Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing to everyone and do so at every opportunity (something I do not often do). 

Not only because the results you receive are immediate and long lasting, but also because of the friendly and inviting service you will receive.

The services, support and knowledge Danielle provides could be the key when it comes to your health and well-being. You may be pleasantly surprised....I know I was.

Thank you. 

Sandra - Personal Trainer

I am overjoyed that I got to experience Rose Energy Healing and I'll definitely continue to tell every person I've met about it.

If you are looking for a magical and unexplainable self-experience - this is it.  

Zero regrets!  Danielle is phenomenal at what she does!

Regan - Paramedic


I am an avid runner and for months I struggled with Plantar Fasciitis.


  1. Taping
  2. Stretching
  3. Yoga
  4. Chiropractor
  5. Physio

Nothing made any difference until a fellow runner suggested I meet the team at Beyond Belief Mind and Body Healing! In one session I felt an 85% improvement from where I was.

I’ve just finished my second session and already feeling the difference. You may have had a deep tissue massage before, but this is so much deeper. If you are looking for relief from that nagging spot in your body that just doesn’t seem to go away, book an appointment with the team at Beyond Belief. They will transform your life!

Amazing services! As a cleaning company we often get knots build up in areas with repetitive motio­ns. Highly recommend every and all servi­ces to help you to recover and balance out built-up tension and toxins. Thank you very much!

Stephanie De Marchi Plant - Running Enthousiast

I was not happy and it showed.  I could not hide how depressed I felt all the time and was ready for change.  I was intrigued when I learned about Danielle's dramatic turnaround and decided to check out a session to see if it could help me.   
That poor mindset blossomed into happiness with my progress.  I learned the importance of positive self-talk and how to become better aware when I was being too hard on myself.  I stopped blaming myself for everything that went wrong and learned ways to change the script.

Edith Eubanks - Sales

Pauline Murley - Testimonial Beyond Belief Body Mind and Healing

Amazing services! As a cleaning company we often get knots built up in areas with repetitive motio­ns.

Highly recommend every and all servi­ces to help you to recover and balance out built-up tension and toxins. Thank you very much!

Pauline Murley - Cleaner

Beyond Belief Mind Body Healing Testimonial Yasna Paola Aedo Martinez_

After the first session I felt immediate relief.

It is an incredible massage, I totally recommend it, I'm already a fan ... try it, make your appointment, you will never regret it. Thanks ladies for having me. Love it.

Yasna Paola Aedo Martinez  - Martial Arts Instructor

Highly recommend! 

Danielle knows how to find the exact spot to work on that I didn’t even know was a pain culprit… such relief from these sessions! 

Andrea Salway  - Therapist

Danielle has been amazing! 

Her techniques have really changed how I walk and move. 

I was walking with a cane when I first met her and now I am cane- free and walking confidently. I’m learning so much about how trauma and emotions can get stuck in the body and cause pain.

She loves helping people!! 

Crystal Thompson  - Jewellery Maker/Business Owner



This double platinum book is a collaboration between 13 practitioners who share their knowledge & experiences on how to heal - your mind, body & spirit.   This book will heal your imagination on all the ways there are to heal.

Danielle, contributed a chapter to this book. In it, you'll discover how to become one with your spirit to heal yourself Beyond Belief

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