About Danielle's Healing Journey

My passion is to lead the way forward.  The suffering I went through had a purpose and I know that purpose is to help others.   

I was lost, alone in the dark, confused and heartbroken.  The thing was, I had no idea.  I’d buried it so deep that I actually thought I was happy.  I wore a mask that not even I could see past.   

However, this emotional pain came out in other ways, such as unnecessary anger, depression, an unhealthy affinity for food and dysfunctional relationships with my family and friends. My physical pain was the worst.  I drowned myself in sweets and deep fried foods to run away from the pain.  Unfortunately, this only made it worse.   

I wanted to lose weight and stop the pain.  However, my heart wasn't ready to put any real effort in for creating the changes I so desperately wanted.  I tried everything with little to no success, or at least what didn't require me to change my way of life.  I started to lose hope that I would ever get the results I wanted. 

My hope wasn't rekindled until I reached my breaking point - the point where I needed to make some changes or resign myself to life long pain.  I was sick and tired of how I felt and was finally ready to take action.

That action came in the way of learning the ways of natural healing.  I learned how important turning around my gut health, lifestyle habits, mindset and belief in self were in regards to creating the results I hoped for.  I also learned that I had the power to heal myself!  

It all started with a decision - a decision to never be in pain again and to start taking care of myself and loving me no matter what.  

I’m not going to lie.  It was the best decision I ever made!  It took a lot of work, determination, perseverance, consistency and dedication that resulted in mind blowing success!  I put the time and effort in and was rewarded greatly for it.  I started to believe I could heal and be pain free.  

I lost over 90 pounds and changed my entire life in JUST 9 MONTHS and you can too! 

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If there is one thing I regret, it’s that I didn’t take more pictures of my startling transformation, or keep better logs.  Being over 210 pounds, I never thought in a million years I’d be able to fit into my petit daughter’s clothing, but it happened!  To be honest, I never believed I could do it and wanted to accomplish what little was possible for my limiting beliefs. It was so unexpected and an unbelievable experience. 

Not only did I dramatically change the way I looked but I also dramatically changed the way I felt, about both myself and my self-worth.  I was happier than I’d ever remembered being, with more energy, less anger and no more pain!  My extraordinary results inspired me to support others and motivate them toward creating their own metamorphosis.  I love helping others learn how to heal themselves and can’t imagine doing anything else!  It's so rewarding helping people realize their true potential.  

Once I was healthy in both mind and body, a different world opened up to me - the spiritual.  I began to meditate and connect deeply to self.  I never missed a day of making time to do the things that were important to my spiritual growth and still don’t.  By embracing my spirituality, life became unimaginably simple.  Old worries faded away because they didn’t matter to me anymore.  It was very freeing.   

The more I let go of my old self, the happier I became and the more doors opened to me.  I became more aware of the energy around me and within my own body, especially when the energy wasn’t mine. This expanded far beyond my wildest dreams where I was able to move and relocate the energy within myself and others during my healing practices.  I discovered how pain in the body is the result of imbalances throughout a person's energy caused by trapped and entangled emotional, spiritual, heart-based, mental and karmic energy.  Pain ends when all trapped energy is gone and balance is restored.  I was even more excited to bring this kind of healing to my clients and so were they.  It's so rewarding helping people become free in their energy and get the results they want.

I learned so much about the ways of energy through my own healing and that of my clients.  I learned how energy worked and its impact on health and happiness when misaligned or blocked. I discovered why my own energy was such a problem over my lifetime.  I was an empath, so I picked up alot of energy of other people.  That energy of others caused much disruptions to my natural energy flow and caused lots of hardships and pain.  

I also had many energy fractures, my chakras were clogged and full of emotional overwhelm, my heart centre was blocked, limiting beliefs and emotions kept me stuck and my love of self was non-existant.  I learned that my heart was the problem with all my stuck energy and that healing heart frequencies is the fastest way to be free in your energy.  I learned from my trials and tribulations and created a unique energy therapy that helps release energy, restore balance and bring positive, unbelievable results. I healed myself the long way, over 4 years, to bring an easier, faster, happier and more loving way to others to achieve the beyond belief results they want fast.

Free your energy for unbelievable pain ending, life changing results!  This is what I teach and what I'm truly passionate about.  I love helping others free their energy and get the beyond belief results they've been looking for.   

I often get asked how did you learn to move energy? I became aware of energy through healing my body. The healthier I became, the more conscious I was of the energy around me. I could feel when the energy within me was not how it should be. I can’t explain it.   

It’s all about trust.  It’s similar to breathing.  You can’t see the air you breathe but you trust that it’s there. While I can't see the energy with my physical eyes, I do see it with my third eye.  I see the energy, just not consciously.  I trust in myself and my gifts and just know where the energy is and when it isn't.  My energy awareness can't be explained logically, only spiritually.

My life is magical.   I owe this to many things, including - energy healing consistently, healing my body through natural methods, complete connection to self and learning how to just go with the flow and allow my life to happen rather than force it.  

Would you like to free your energy and totally transform your life? Would you like to live the life of your dreams and that beyond imagining?  Sometimes you just need an inspiring light to show you the way..... Let me be yours. 

Danielle ~ Frequency, Galactic, Empathic, Spiritual Healer of Energy 

Your Tips for Total Transformation 

I often get asked…. 

“What did you do to lose all the weight?  Why are you suddenly so happy now?   

What caused the abrupt change in your personality?”   

“Why am I not getting the results you're getting?  Why were your results so fast?”  

Believe it or not, it was actually much simpler and easier than you think.  Anyone can get the results I did when they have the right information, motivation and dedication to being free from pain!

The good news is…...not everyone has to do it the same way I did to get the same results!

The tips below are part of the shortest short cut you will ever find to freeing your energy, healing your body and ending your pain!   

        #1 - Size Matters - And I'm talking about how much you eat, not how big you are. 

Pay attention to what you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat and how often.  Your diet has a huge impact on the pain you feel, your weight, your energy level. and the trapped energy you hold,   

I had a problem with food, especially unhealthy food, and would eat and eat and eat and eat…… You get the picture.  I wanted off the pain train, but food always kept me from getting off.   

Once I became aware of how detrimental my eating habits were to my health and how it was contributing to the trapped energy within my body and pain levels, that’s when I became committed to doing something about it.  Not long after I changed my unhealthy relationship with food did I really start to notice what a difference it made in my weight, mood, energy and bodily pain. 

          #2 - Wisdom of Water - Water is crucial to life.  No pain, no anxiety, no inflammation or headaches. No trapped energy in your digestive tract and easier digestion.  This is what you can look forward to by drinking enough water each day.  This I promise you.

If there was only one improvement you made starting now, drinking enough water each day is the number one best thing you could choose. 

This was the first thing I mastered when starting my journey and I’d say 70% of my startling transformation had to do with just drinking more than enough water each day.   

        #3 - Drop the Dairy -The most inflammatory food you could possibly eat is dairy.  

Dairy is nothing but inflammatory to your gut.  You may not notice it now, but one day you will.  Believe me.  Get out now and save yourself a lot of unnecessary pain.  

You energy also becomes severely blocked every time you have dairy in your gut.  Clearing your gut of trapped energy is only possible if you limit the amount of dairy you consume each week.  

I never thought I could cut out dairy, until I decided that it wasn’t worth the pain I was in daily.  Make your choice and live with the consequences, good or bad.   

        #4 - Gratitude Attitude.  Being grateful is so important!   

Before my healing journey began, I had always focused on my lack rather than my overall abundance.  I started to incorporate daily gratitude's into my life for absolutely everything.  The most vital of all of these gratitude's being myself.   

The more you focus on the positives in your life, the more free your energy will be.  Negative thoughts equal negative blocks within your energy.

Whether you feel grateful or not, go through the motions anyway.  This simple act will bring monumental change and free energy into your life. 

         #5 - CALM YOUR MIND.  A calm mind is a happy, pain free mind.  The more calm your mind is, the more healing will take place.  The more anxious and hurt filled your mind is, the greater number of energy blocks and pain you will experience.  Your number of energy blocks are directly related to the state of your mind, so breathe deeply and remain calm as much as possible.  

        #6 - LOVE WILL SET YOU FREE.   Loving yourself everyday is the best medicine. In fact, it is the best and fastest way to healing there is.  There is no shorter short cut when it comes to freeing your energy.  

Love yourself everyday through the words you tell yourself and the actions you take and find out how quickly you start to change on all levels.  

  #7 - Believe in Yourself!  This is the most crucial step!  Without this one, no matter what you do, you will always fall short of the goal post.   

I know now, that the number one reason I spent all those years overweight and miserable was because, deep down, I never really believed that I could be anything else.  Once I started to believe in myself and really made the commitment to change, that’s when I went far beyond even my own expectations.   


9 Month Transformation!!!

Transformational Gallery

What an amazing transformation.  You must ask me how I did it! 

Wish I’d taken more pictures.  Learn from my mistake during your own journey and make sure to take LOTS!   

Give those who have never met you a shock by showing them all your before, during and after shots!