Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session

Do you feel stuck?  Stuck in pain?  Stuck in your emotions?  Stuck in negative patterns?  

Feeling stuck in life stems from having stuck energy.  Visualize a truck stuck in the mud.  The truck has a hard time moving in that mud doesn't it?  That's exactly how having stuck energy impacts you and your life.  It keeps you stuck in place.  

Whatever you want in life, your positive results will be achieved faster when you clear the stuck energy from your mind, body, heart centre and spirit and unblock your energy.  Ending pain, healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, ending negative self talk, connecting to spirit, releasing trauma bonds and freeing yourself of limiting beliefs all become possible when you're free of stuck energy.

Unblock the energy within to reconnect with self, become the person you want to be and change your life beyond belief!

Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection is a unique approach to ending pain, insecurity, emotional turmoil, limiting beliefs, destructive healing responses, sabotage programs, distrust of self and so much more.....

Utilizing energy healing practices, empathic and intuitive guidance, natural healing tools, and heart opening techniques for unblocking your energy, your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session package will help you change your life in ways you never thought possible.  Change begins with you and reconnection with self.

Whole Life Coach Beyond Belief and Healing

free your energy & Reconnect with self for healing transformation beyond belief

Healing starts with you.  Positive change starts with reconnecting with yourself.  

Problem is positive change is hard.  Especially when negative emotions, beliefs, mindsets, mentalities and habits reign supreme within your energy.  Let's face it - we live in a negative world.  A world where positive focus is lacking and negative energy holds us hostage.   

Much of this negative energy is subconscious.  We can't help it.  It's wired into us from a young age.  Our parents help us by telling us we're wrong.  Our teachers help us by telling us we're wrong.  We're told this to help us know what's right.  Unfortunately, the message is delivered in a way that brings about negative thinking.  Negative thinking creates negative energy and a cycle of endless negative thought conditioning that always brings more negative energy.

Negative emotions come from negative thoughts.  Negative emotions feed more negative emotions which creates more endless negative cycles.  The more negative energy cycles running in your energy, the more hardships, pain and disconnection you will have.  How do you overcome these negative energy cycles, many of which are playing very unconsciously in your mind, body and spirit?

Emotional awareness.  

This simply means having awareness of the emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs that are blocking your natural energy flow and causing you pain.  Pain can come in many forms - physical, emotional, mental, karmic or spiritual.  Pain stops you from enjoying life and doing the things you want to do. Pain ends when emotions are brought into conscious awareness and dealt with.

Emotional awareness needs to go beyond simple awareness of pain for ending negative energy cycles and freeing your energy.  Awareness surrounding past lives, mental blocks, spiritual pain, heart centre blocks and disbelief are all needed to fully free your energy and end negative energy cycles for good.   Readiness to be free and face the energy that keeps you stuck.

Being ready to be free in your energy is not the same as being ready to face those dark pathways in your energy.  It's hard enough to face emotions when you want to, let alone when you don't.  Facing emotions without support can be downright impossible.  I know.  I've done it.  

It's not as hard as you think, when you have the right support and guidance helping you along the way. Support who has been through emotional chaos, understands energy and knows what needs to be done to end those negative energy cycles for good and reconnect with self.  

Reconnection with self is where it all begins......

This is what your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session brings you. A new beginning with yourself in mind, body, spirit and heart, and an end to negative energy cycles.

Also, energy awareness and understanding of your biggest emotional, mental, karmic and spiritual blocks, tools to believe in yourself and handle emotional chaos, as well as energy healing to remove what's blocking you from successfully getting the results you want.  

How much time do you want to spend becoming one with yourself and ending those negative energy cycles keeping you stuck?  How much time have you spent already?  What if you could reconnect with yourself and have the life and transformative results you desire in as little as 4-8 months?  What are your happiness, peace and success worth to you?  

Impossible becomes possible when you free your energy and understand what keeps you stuck.  Happiness is possible when you free those negative energy cycles holding you hostage and reconnect with yourself.  

How blocked is your energy?  How much are those energy blocks impacting you and your life?  How would you feel if all of a sudden everything started to line up for you as if my magic and you moved forward toward the abundance, happiness, love and success you've always wanted and can't seem to get.  This is what's possible when all you are is reconnected, balanced and free.

Reconnect your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit to create the positive, transformative change you want with your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Package!

Your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session will transform your life into the life of your dreams. That transformation begins with gaining awareness of your emotions, learning what energy is blocking your desired results and how to unblock that energy. The yellow brick road to your desired dream life starts with you, reconnection with self and all there is to be gained from unblocking your energy. 

Open your heart, mind,, soul, spirit and energy to being free from negative emotions, vibrations, frequencies, thoughts, limiting beliefs, mindsets, mentalities and doubt to be free to move forward towards what you want!   You are your own biggest road block, until you understand how your energy is blocking you.  Release all blocks for living the amazing, pain free, happy life you want!

Your emotions, beliefs and negative thinking aren't what hold you back from achieving your dreams.  What really holds you back is YOU, which is greatly influenced by the negative energy cycles you have running.  Your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session will help you understand and maintain control of your negative emotions, past trauma, thought processes and limiting beliefs to help you overcome those negative energy cycles once and for all and reconnect with self to create happiness and healing transformation beyond imagining!

 Why Should you Book your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session Package? 

Are you fed up with experiencing any of the following?


Why live in pain when you don’t have to?  Pain means your energy is blocked.  Free your energy to end your pain!

Trouble losing weight?

Losing weight is not easy when your energy is blocked. Unblock your energy channels and body processes and gain emotional awareness to start losing weight.  


Hard to have energy when your energy is blocked.  Sometimes all you need to feel energized is open channels for your energy to flow freely.  


It's hard to think clearly when you're not taking care of yourself.  Are you drinking enough water or eating nutritional foods?  Is your brain burning from staring at a phone, tv or computer screen for hours on end? 


Constipation is not the inability to go.  It is actually the reabsorption of your own waste due to a back up in your large intestine from years of poor eating habits and stuck energy.


Do you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster?  This is often caused through blocks within your heart. 


Stop being your own worst enemy and snap yourself back from hesitation, self-sabotage, punishing yourself, limiting beliefs and doubt.   

emotions keeping you stuck? 

Your energy is to blame when it comes to feeling stuck in your emotions.  The number one kind of energy block is emotional energy and that means energy trapped in your body is keeping you stuck in life.  

Bloating or indigestion?

The energy blocks in your abdomen are what is behind your digestive issues.  That and poor eating habits.  

Difficulty sleeping?

You may be surprised by what is actually the cause of your disrupted sleep.  You guessed it....stuck energy.


Does your ‘get up and go’ feel like it’s on an extended holiday? Find your enthusiasm for enjoying life again by following a few easy steps.


Stress starts in the heart, moves to the mind and impacts your entire self.  Learn simple practices to help you control stress and live a life of ease.  

If you answered YES to even one of these, then your Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session is exactly what you’ve been waiting for to bring about significant, long lasting transformation in your life!   

The incentives don’t end there!

Personalized to fit your desired outcomes and desires!  Everyone's energy is different and so are the blocks holding you back.  Each Reconnection Session package is designed to meet your individual energy, needs, dreams and goals.  Number of sessions needed for each individual bundle and pricing will vary depending on your desired outcomes, how much energy is blocked and your emotional concerns.  

Value is well over $4000 - All yours for as low as $1555.00

Gaining knowledge for freeing your heart, mind, soul, spirit and energy body - simplified.  Remove all the guesswork from freeing your energy, emotions, mindset, love of self and negative mentalities.  Shorten the amount of time needed to get the results you want when you learn what works!

Releasing of energy blocks keeping you stuck!  Included in your personalized package are 2-4 mini energy healing sessions to release your most challenging blocks. Plus education on how to remove the easier ones yourself!

Ongoing support and guidance for 3 months after the completion of your package to help you stay on track toward your desired goals and dreams.

Being able to accept you for you right now and loving yourself unconditionally.  Being yourself and loving every minute of it. Being true to who you want to be on all levels.  Being who you want to be and not who others want you to be.  Find what motivates and inspires you.  Stop getting in your own way and learn to love yourself again. Realizing you are only human and being patient with yourself as you heal, grow and let go.  Understanding that the reason results are not happening is because your energy is getting in your way. Help is necessary when you're trying to close the door on your painful past to open the door to your happy and hope filled future.  

Included complimentary with your package is an in-depth "Emotional Toolbox" and "Health at a Glance" guide that I created myself from everything I learned during my healing journey.  Benefit from all the mistakes I made and do better than I did.  Plus receive support throughout your own healing journey.  All of your questions and concerns are encouraged, so do not hesitate to reach out via phone, email, or text at any time you need. Remember, you are not in this alone and you are never a bother. 

Danielle My Story Beyond Belief Mind Body Healing

Try Something Different To:

Get 'unstuck' in your life and Achieve The Results You Want!

Contact Danielle to learn more about how Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection can help you!


Thinking emotions have no place in healing is like believing you can grow a flower without light. Your emotions have a direct impact on the rate at which you heal and how much pain you have at any given moment.  

Learning ways to control your emotions is the first step to ending your pain.  Emotions that are difficult to process get stuck within your body, causing you pain.  The more you avoid your emotions and allow them to pile up within your body, the greater your pain will be.  You feel pain every time you experience emotional distress where you have trapped emotions within your body.  These emotions can be either on a conscious or unconscious level.

The next time you feel pain, ask yourself what you're feeling and compare it to the next time you feel that same pain.  Become an emotional detective and get to the bottom of what emotion or emotions you are experiencing at that moment.  Awareness of and understanding the reason behind your emotions allows you control over the emotional reaction, rather than the emotional reaction having control over you.  This is called emotional awareness. The more you practice emotional awareness, get to the bottom of why you feel the way you do and learn ways to maintain control in emotional times, the faster you will end your pain.

Learn more about trapped emotions and the impact they have on your pain by clicking on the link below.

Intestinal blocks will Bung You Up......

Want to create the vibrant health and pain free living that you want?  Start in your gut.  Your large intestine is where your health begins.  Period.  It’s as simple as that.  

You can do all the right things and still take years to fully heal your large intestine.  

It's crazy to think how many emotional energy blocks most people have trapped in their gut and how much those blocks impact their everyday life.  

How great do you feel after having a big poop?   No one can be in a good mood when they feel like they have to go and can’t.  

This problem can be the result of not drinking enough water each day, your diet, the medication your on or past surgeries.  But there's one more culprit that most people just don't know about....

Energy blocks, particularly emotional energy blocks, within your abdomen.

Clearing the emotional energy blocks within your abdomen and large intestine is the fastest natural way to heal your gut.

Learn ways you can free the emotional energy blocks in your abdomen while opening your energy during your Guiding Light Emotional Energy Counselling.





See the most asked questions

What is a Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session?

It is a unique approach to letting go of emotional, spiritual, mental, intuitive and limiting belief blocks within your mind, heart, body and spirit that are holding you back in life, while also helping you achieve your specific dreams.  

What do I need to succeed with my Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session?

You really only need two things to succeed from these sessions - a desire to change, heal, let go and grow, and a desire to be a little bit better every day.  If you only improve 1% everyday, after 100 days, you'd be 100% better.  

I will want to see results right away.  Do these sessions help me gain noticeable results fast?

How long until you're seeing and/or feeling a difference depends on you and how much stuck energy you have impacting the results you want to see.  In order to achieve results fast it is important to move forward on a daily basis and be ready to let go of your emotional BS.  Any less will disappoint and leave you discouraged. 

What is behind my stuck energy and why am I in so much pain because of it?

There are many causes behind stuck energy.   We will mostly be dealing with stuck emotional, spiritual, mental and heart energy.  The pain you feel is mostly from energy hitting the blocks within your body, though some is also due to what you eat, how much you drink and how well you take care of yourself.  

I struggle with mental clarity and memory retention.  You expect me to remember all the information provided during each session?

Not at all! Don’t worry. After each session is complete, I will send you an email with all that we discussed.  

Why aren't sessions available individually? 

There is too much to go over in one session.  I package the Reconnection Session in individualized bundles to offer you bite size instalments so as not to get overwhelmed and to achieve the results you want more effectively.  

Are there any additional charges for calling and asking questions or clarifications between sessions? 

Continual ongoing support is included with your Mind Body Spirit Reconnection Session no matter how many questions you ask or how often.  No question is unwelcome - questions are how we learn and grow.

Why don't I feel better after one session?

You don't feel better because you haven't given the results enough time.  Results can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to show up, depending on what is going on for you at the time of session.  

Why do I feel tired all the time between our sessions?

Feeling tired can mean a few things.  The main reason is you're releasing energy or you need to release energy.  Emotions are energy so if you are experiencing emotional turmoil or fighting an emotion, chances are, you'll feel tired.  You may also feel tired from not drinking enough water, eating unhealthy foods, digestion and/or not getting enough rest.  

How long are the sessions?

Times will vary from person to person.  It will vary depending on how many questions you have, as well as how much time is needed each session to share your personalized tools and energy release.  

Any assurances that my Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session Package will work?  What if I'm not happy afterwards?

Your satisfaction is my top priority. I want you to get the results you want and not the results you don't want.  I will do everything in my power to ensure you get the results you want, while helping you move through any that are less desirable.   


What My Clients Say

Karen Vanderzee TestimonialBeyod Belief Mind Body HealingTestimonial_2

My Mind Body Spirit Emotional Reconnection Session was great!  I learned so much I did not know on simple ways to improve my health and increase my mental clarity.   

I found all the tools created for me particularly helpful in giving me a starting point to build my day around.   

The knowledge and guidance provided help me to be accountable for what I do on a daily basis, and to take better care of myself.   It also brought to my attention how important it is to love myself well, something that everyone needs to focus on and do more of. 



Jody S

Financial Administrator/Truck enthusiast

I originally came to Danielle regarding the physical pain in my body.  Before coming to see her, I had been in a toxic relationship where I didn’t make my own decisions and I let myself be pushed around.  I was under appreciated, disregarded and made to feel like I didn’t matter.  My ex controlled everything about me, from the way I dressed, to what I cooked, what activities I took part in and the way I thought about myself.  I had no control over any part of my life.  

Now I make my own decisions, I do what I want and I’m surrounded with positive and supportive people.  I’ve regained my confidence and sense of self.  

It was much easier to deal with my emotions than I figured it was going to be. I’ve always known that past experiences and trauma affects who you are now. We are programmed to bury and hold onto everything.  Until my counselling bundle, I didn’t know there was a way to get past that.

Healing with Danielle has been a blast. I always look forward to healing with Danielle and feel she’s more of a friend than my practitioner.  Her office is a safe space and is always positive. Danielle is positivity itself when it comes to supporting me with my healing.  

It was really scary sometimes coming to terms with who I used to be, but Danielle helped me get through it.   Now the past holds no power over me anymore.  The past is no longer scary.  It’s no longer taking up space within me; space that I can now fill with more positive things.  

Fight or flight used to be my automatic response to every situation.  I am thrilled to say that this is no longer the case.  Working with Danielle has helped me realize that I have a choice in the way I react.  I can now stop and think about my reactions before letting them get the better of me.  I understand why I react the way I do and take the time to think first.  I’m not just mindlessly triggered anymore.  

I am happier now than I have ever been and I owe much of that to what I have learned from Danielle.  I owe the rest to myself and putting what I learned into action.

Edith Eubanks


I was not happy and it showed.  I could not hide how depressed I felt all the time and was ready for change.  I was intrigued when I learned about the dramatic turnarounds of Danielle and her family and decided to check out a session to see if it could help me.   

Before this, I tried all kinds of programs and nothing worked.   I wondered if this time would be any different.  I was happy to discover it was more effective than anything else I’d put to the test.  Nothing else I’d tried was as intense and I’d had no way of holding myself accountable.  Until now.   

My biggest challenge was negative self-talk.  All my other problems stemmed from my negative self image.  I was constantly putting myself down and blaming myself for everything.  I had a hard time getting out of bed each morning, leaving it till the last possible second before racing off to catch the bus for work.  I was miserable and didn’t look forward to the never changing monologue that was going on in my head.   

That poor mindset blossomed into happiness with my progress.  I learned the importance of positive self-talk and how to become better aware when I was being too hard on myself.  I stopped blaming myself for everything that went wrong and learned ways to change the script.   

Other than the accountability I now had for my actions, the most helpful part of the consultation was the continual support.  Knowing I am not alone in this really helps when trying to change for the better.   

The changes in myself were amazing.  My moods were uplifted, I had more motivation and much healthier lifestyle habits and I was able to communicate with others more easily when something was bothering me.  I didn’t bottle that down anymore.   

I recommend Beyond Belief to anyone looking to better themselves.  This place is amazing to work with and offers a great holistic way to improve your life.     
Each individual session has its purpose
, even if it's not apparent at first glance.  Have an open mind and see what works best for you and what you want to achieve, even if your goal wasn’t covered during your session.  I found the tools very flexible and adaptable to whatever I wanted to change  

Rhonda Short

Office Administrator

I have seen Danielle often over the past few months for Mind and Body Healing. She is very knowledgeable with her information and listens to your concerns and health issues. Danielle goes above and beyond to find ways to help relieve pain, restore mental positive thinking and to help over all with all you are dealing with. She is kind, attentive, funny and loves what she does and loves to help. I recommend her and her service to anyone to just give it a try and see for yourself how you too can achieve healing on some or many levels.

Jennifer Lizotte

Office Administrator

I’ve had trouble losing weight for many years now, trying to lower the pressure on my bad knees.  I was intrigued and surprised by the photos I saw of Danielle’s weight loss transformation and wanted something similar for myself.  I was interested in the counselling sessions but not quite ready to start. Changing your whole life can be overwhelming and I was having a difficult time committing to that undertaking. 

Danielle was very patient with me, never pushing me beyond what I was ready for.  She was always encouraging me to take small steps forward everyday and do loving things for myself.  She sparked in me a desire to begin making changes in my diet and routine, inspiring me to become a better version of myself
I feel very comfortable talking with Danielle about all my challenges and aspirations.  For me, our relationship has grown far beyond a professional one and more into a friendship.  I feel I can really talk to her as I would a friend, without feeling judged or looked down upon. 

I am progressing with all I learned at a pace that is right for me.  What is important is that I keep moving forward and celebrate my successes as I get them.  I know that the more I work on myself with the knowledge and tools she has given me, the better I will feel and the lighter I will be. 

Justin Thiessen

Tree Faller

I'm honestly a little lost for words. I've tried so many different things over the years - diets, therapy, meds, environment changes - and to finally find something that works was a little overwhelming at first.   

It has been so long since I woke up in the morning without excruciating physical pain, I almost couldn't process it.  A part of me still can't.  I still have some pain but it seems to be getting better daily since I started utilizing the tools provided during my sessions.   

After a month I have already noticed a dramatic difference in my overall health and energy levels, I still have a rough day once a week but that's better than every day.

I do what I can to be as active as my energy levels will allow, but it gets frustrating when I want to do more yard work or weight lifting and I just can't.  From what I learned during my sessions, I instead focus on stretching and remind myself that I am rebuilding my body and to be patient with the process.   

I am finally feeling like myself again. Thank you a million times over!