Energy Medicine Beyond Belief and Healing

Energy Medicine

Healing goes beyond physical limitations. We are energy light beings having a physical experience on this planet, so it only makes sense to use energy when it comes to healing the body.

INCREASES Microcirculation

Increases the microcirculation of the body.  Proper circulation is key for maintaining optimal health. It ensures that blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout the body, allowing every organ to function properly. 

NO Pharmaceuticals For Pain Management

Effective drug free alternative for pain management.  Works to reduce inflammation and helps to fully relax the body and put it into a calm, healing state.  

NO Side Effects

100% safe and simple to use.  Utilize as often as you want with no risk or worry of adverse effects.  

About The Energy Medicine

Welcome to the future of medicine!  

Everything is about energy and frequency, especially when it comes to healing our bodies. 

Regardless of what you eat or drink, only the energy will remain. We are energy beings first and foremost, so it is quite revolutionary to use energy when restoring the body to full vitality. No longer do you need to rely on potentially risky medications or procedures to treat pain and disease. One can safely manage pain and promote vibrant health everyday by the regular use of Energy Medicine. Easy to use, amazingly relaxing, with no side-effects and so much to gain, the Avacen and Bioptron are the perfect addition to your healing journey.

  • Easy to use
  • Promotes relaxation
  • No side-effects
  • Safe pain management



The Avacen 100 is a patented and FDA-Cleared Class II non-invasive medical device that works by infusing heat into the circulatory system by way of the unique vascular network located in the palm of the hand.  This results in the body pumping the warmed blood throughout the circulatory system in order to dissipate this excess heat.  When your body heats up naturally, it functions in much the same way by pumping more blood to your hands and feet.  This is why you can stick your foot out of the covers at night and cool off so easily. The AVACEN has reversed that process to help you improve your body’s microcirculation by up to 66%. This results in significant benefits for arthritis, joint pain, muscle soreness and stiffness, sprains and muscular relaxation.  Added bonus - it puts the body in a parasympathetic, healing state and can even put you to sleep.


Bioptron Light Therapy is the most powerful healing light system in the world and is a patented Nobel Prize award-winning technology. Clinically tested, proven and certified, this device can raise the microcirculation of the targeted area by 47%, while also having a positive, long-lasting effect on the entire body.  It is UV-free, completely safe to use and has a vast array of applications for health, beauty and well-being.  The fullerene lens on the device allows the light to actually penetrate right into the bone.  Benefits of this amazing light therapy include - decreased pain and inflammation, speedier recovery from bodily injuries  improved immune function, faster healing of wounds, scars, burns and skin infections, effective treatment of conditions such as herpes, eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and gum disease, cellular regeneration, greater energy, boosting of mood and anti-aging.  The Bioptron is also indispensable for respiratory virus diseases.


Common Questions

Why use Energy Medicine?

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves if given the right conditions to do so.  Through the use of Energy Medicine, this natural ability of the body is encouraged and supported, allowing for a great drug-free alternative to pain management.  

What is the difference between the Avacen and the Bioptron? Is one better than the other?

The main difference between them is in each device's application.  The Avacen uses heat therapy distribution to promote better healing within the entire body, while the Bioptron uses the power of light for targeted healing that also has a long lasting effect beyond the area the light touches. 

Depends on what you are using them for. Each device has its own amazing applications and may be better suited for certain healing undertakings.  Why not use them together and double the healing benefits.  

I am not very technology savvy. Are these devices complicated to use?

Quite the opposite actually.  They were designed specifically with this in mind, requiring just the push of a few buttons to operate.  A child could use them quite easily.  Both come with operation manuals as well.   

How can I get my own Avacen or Bioptron?

How can I get my own Avacen or Bioptron?

Want to be able to use these devices on a daily basis? Get your own by following the links below:

Avacen - Click here for details

Bioptron - Click here for details

Bioptron Fullerene Lense - Click here for details